Sunday Rock – South Colton

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To some, it’s just another rock – to others this is and has been for some time, a symbol of the area. Sunday Rock is located on NY rt.56, just as you come into South Colton from the west (Potsdam direction). Today it is included in a park, that commemorates the rock. It originally was used as a landmark by the native Indians, who had a trail through the area, to the mountains. Later as the area was being visited by the white settlers it came to be a point between the woods and the world. Sunday didn’t exist past the rock; every day was the same. If you worked there as a logger or guide, you would work every day. If you were a sportsman, days didn’t matter. Law didn’t exist- game & fish were yours for the taking. As the area became more easily accessed, some of the lore of the rock was lost to many people. In 1925, the rock itself was nearly lost. The construction of the Rt56 saw the rock right in the path of the new highway.

sunday rock pizap.com14940015818611Due to the efforts of many concerned folks from all over, enough money was raised to move the rock across the road and out of the path of the new highway. All was well until 1965, when the highway was scheduled to be expanded. The town supervisor at the time, George Swift, spearheaded a project to move it yet again. This time the move was made to a piece of property donated by Hilda Smith. The property was large enough to include a park as well as the beloved rock. Today it’s easy to find, and has several plaques and markers to tell those who don’t know it’s story. In 2010, it was listed on the National Register of Historic places. If you are on your way by there, stop and ponder the rock and what it has stood for so many years. Although time doesn’t stand still anymore here- you are headed to a wilder and special place, the mountains & waters of the great south woods.


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