Winding Falls- 8/12/2019

Piercefield NY

I have been meaning to make the trek back to Winding Falls on the Bog River, in Piercefield. The good weather gave me the chance, and it’s a pretty nice hike. It is also known locally as “Pa” falls, in reference to some small memorials located above the falls. I have seen the bridge listed as a railroad bridge, but it turns out it was a truck bridge. It’s almost six miles round trip, with good trails and easy grades. The forests vary greatly along the way, with one stretch predominantly consisting of young yellow birch.

The bridge is locally known as “Half-a$$” bridge.

I have seen some a few trail guides that mention the trail being very overgrown and hard to follow, but it appears that trail has recieved some recent maintainence and is pretty straightforward. The trail is marked with red ski trail markers. If you like to hike, and like waterfalls that are off the beaten path, this is one to check out.

To get there,from NY RT 30 (about 8.5-miles south of Tupper Lake) turn on to NY RT 421. The road will take a sharp left turn at 1.6-miles. Follow the road another 1.3-miles, and look for a yellow pipe gate. There will be a small sign on the right side of the trail.

The small sign at the trailhead

Enjoying a selfie at the falls

Pa’s monuments

Below the falls


1 thought on “Winding Falls- 8/12/2019

  1. I hiked this trail several times a year. Recently, someone removed one of the memorials. It was around fathers day. Apparently, the land back in the day was leased to a person named Hebe Costello who was Pa. He had a cabin on the property nearby the falls. The memorials were left by his family in memory of their father.

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