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Google Map link-   https://www.google.com/maps/@44.314477,-75.2912552,359m/data=!3m1!1e3 

Talc is something that’s in many thing we use daily. Paint, paper, crayons and cosmetics all contain talc. Talc is the softest mineral known. Talc played a major part in the area’s history. Freemansburgh was renamed Talcville after Col. Henry Palmer discovered the mineral there, and opened a mine in 1878. Several other mines opened in the area, including the #2 1/2 mine- at the time the worlds largest talc mine. An entire community sprouted from this talc boom. This was Dodgeville, just downstream of Talcville. Talc production was what brought the railroad to Talcville and Edwards.Eventually the talc became unprofitable to mine, and the mines were closed. The name and a few ruins are the only thing left to remind us of the great talc boom of past. Pictured below is the abandoned Reynolds mine on Newton hill in Talcville.12-28-dwards-nature-trail-075


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