The Snow Bowl

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DSC09226 (2)The Snow Bowl- South Colton NY,-74.8585168,5438m/data=!3m1!1e3

You might have been past the Snow Bowl and never noticed it. Located on Rt. 56 in south Colton NY, and on the banks of Cold Brook was a small yet popular ski area. The Snow Bowl was started by St. Lawrence University in 1937. Open to the public, it featured downhill and Nordic ski trails as well as ski-jumps. The area was nearly 400 acres, and offered 350′ of vertical drop. The ski area was divided by Cold Brook and State route 56. The eastern side featured a large snack bar and the Nordic cross country ski trails. The western side had the downhill slopes and ski-jumps. There were several T-bars and rope tows along the slope, and some trails. were even lighted for night skiing. The Snow Bowl started to wain in use during the 1970’s and was finally closed altogether in 1982.

DSC09235 (2) Today if you drive by, you can still see some of the ski slope, and the crib-work for the bridge over Cold Brook. Across the road, the snack bar is still standing tall (although in a state of disrepair) and the equipment/utilities building is there. According to the NYS DEC, it was sold in 2007, but no improvements have been done to date. It’s long past its heyday, yet it’s still an interesting part of the local history. You are more apt to see one of the few local moose than skiers there, but it’s worth pulling into the parking lot to gander at the once famous Snow-Bowl.DSC09238 (2)


5 thoughts on “The Snow Bowl

  1. Love the Snow Bowl Pics. When I was a child we actually lived there, my dad was the caretaker of the snack bar and the slopes and grounds for SLU. Loved it there, many great memories.

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    1. I grew up there. We lived at the tail end of that ridge. When we were kids in the 80’s we use to roam those hills like feral animals. The snow bowl has always seemed like a frozen and forgotten part of the town. It is on he southern side of the Sunday rock so….


  2. Snow Bowl has always been many memories for me growing up in Colton. From skiing, snowmobiling, and numerous sledding trips. I’m blessed to have all those great memories !


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