The First Edwards High School

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This site now houses the Edwards History & Genealogy center

Did you know…? In 1898 a new three room school house was built on main street in Edwards. Today this is the location of the Edwards History and Genealogy Center. Within a few years a high school was needed and the roof was raised, and a second story added. Notice the gable end windows are still in the same place, only one story higher. The first graduating class of three students, received their diplomas in 1914. The towns students soon outgrew this school as well, and when they went back to classes in 1936-it was in the new brick school on Trout Lake street. Part of this school is still there today. This lasted the town until the end of the 1989 school year. It was at that time that the Edwards and Knox Memorial school districts combined. For more information on this, and all thing Edwards related, please visit the Edwards History and Genealogy Center at :

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